Top 5 Weather Information Sources in Guyana

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Weather information sources in Guyana.

Weather plays a crucial role in our daily lives, influencing our plans, activities, and even our moods. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor in Guyana, staying informed about the weather can help you make better decisions and stay prepared for any conditions that may arise.

To assist you in accessing reliable weather information, we’ve compiled a list of the top five weather information sources in Guyana.

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The Hydrometeorological Service of Guyana (HMG)

The Hydrometeorological Service of Guyana, under the Ministry of Agriculture, is responsible for monitoring and forecasting weather conditions, climate patterns, and hydrological data in Guyana. Their official website offers a wealth of information, including weather advisories, rainfall data, river level updates, and climate outlooks.

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a popular online weather service that offers forecasts, radar maps, and weather reports for locations worldwide, including Guyana. Users can access current conditions, hourly forecasts, and extended outlooks for cities across Guyana, making it a convenient option for both locals and travelers.

Mobile weather apps

Various mobile weather applications, such as AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, and WeatherBug, provide users with real-time weather updates, interactive radar maps, and customizable alerts for inclement weather conditions.


By downloading these apps to your smartphone or tablet, you can access weather information on the go and stay informed wherever you are in Guyana.

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Guyana Civil Aviation Authority

As the regulatory body for civil aviation in Guyana, the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority has essential weather information for aviation purposes. Pilots, air traffic controllers, and aviation enthusiasts can access meteorological data, including aerodrome forecasts, aviation weather warnings, and SIGMET (Significant Meteorological Information) bulletins.

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Guyana Weather Online

Guyana Weather Online is a comprehensive online platform dedicated to providing up-to-date weather forecasts, satellite imagery, radar data, and weather news specific to Guyana. With detailed forecasts for various regions across the country, including Georgetown, Linden, and New Amsterdam, GWO is a go-to resource for accurate weather information.

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Staying informed about the weather is essential for planning activities, ensuring safety, and mitigating risks associated with adverse weather conditions.

By utilizing these top five weather information sources in Guyana, you can access reliable forecasts, monitor changing weather patterns, and make informed decisions to navigate the dynamic weather landscape of Guyana.

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